Re: Clan Wyter abilities

From: Charles <charles_at_9heq2ig3pU3umof7jc9RE17Dp4ZKjkhbhmDsZCn6qFjaX4I6Q4bgy2mJmOZ_OjyUAlRG>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 02:17:45 -0000

All abilities are equivalent. Abilities have a name (or very short description) and a rating. In this case, the rating of the ability will come from the final value of the clan magic rating. What is left is the applicability of the name or description to common situations that the clan finds itself in. So when making the clan, you want a few abilities that help in the day to day activities and importantly a few that will be useable in good stories that the playes and GM would like to tell together and maybe a few that are ambiguous now but you might be able to build on sometime in the future.


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