Re: Ompalam, Malia and other possibly chaotic dieties

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Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 20:47:19 +0200 (CEST)

Wow, this is an interesting message, with many stimulating points. Let's have a look.  

Canabalism is a chaotic act that can turn one into an ogre, but is a sacred act to the non-chaotic cannibal cult.
/// 'zactly. There are centuries-old rituals, honed and crafted to avoid the risk of turning into ogres. But it's a thin line, and many of the tribe still change and leave.

Human Sacrifice is generally unacceptable to Orlanthi, except where carried out by the Ana Gor priestess.
/// Nothing cannibalistic here. Well, mostly. Nobody pays much attention to the leftovers, hem body of the sacrifice. Some say the exiles manufacture charms with the body parts, but they're degenerates anyway.

An Orlanthi who kills his brother, even if he deserves it, is causing Kinstrife and threatening Chaos, but a Humakti has ritually severed his ties and need have no qualms. On this basis I have no problem with an act that can be both chaotic and non chaotic depending on the state/status of the participants.
/// I think... that the Humakti who Severed his ties has no kin anymore. Not at all. He could kill the pair that raised him when he was small, there still would be no kinstrife. So there's no "chaotic act" there. There is a murder which might be avenged by the whole community, but that has nothing do to with chaos.

The (non chaotic) God who "cleanses the souls of misdoers" and the chaotic god of torture are (or were) two separate beings, but may be confused by outsiders unfamiliar with the nuances. (Another God Learner construct where they either amalgamated, or failed to separate to cults?)
/// Always a possibility. We stick names we know on concepts we think we recognize, and so do Gloranthans. A lawful malkioni would certainly see an uncouth uroxi as a raving krjalk.

Likewise Ompalam - the Prosopaedia says "He is recognized in Pamaltela as the god of absolute rule" and "The God-learners classed Ompalam as the 'God of degenerative administration, of evil centralization.'" which looks like a judgement call by the God Learners - Absolute Rule is degenerative and evil, unlike our enlightened, god-ordained feudal empire...
/// Ah. Love this one. "Look at how the dirty foreigners misuse the power of Rule. Do not fall into Error!" Completely agree with you.

Chaos is a "strict liablilty" cult in that you do not need to be knowingly worshipping chaos in order to do so. However there are ways of ritually protecting yourself and separating an otherwise chaotic act from this source
/// Again, totally agree with you.

I think a Nysalor Riddler who started asking too many strange questions around the Block would find relying on the argument "I can't be chaotic, or your sense chaos would go off" might find this not considered a compelling defence...
/// It would be a short-lived riddler. Before butchering him and scattering the body parts to the four winds, perhaps the uroxi would "riddle him with blows" ! And the last riddle he'd hear would be "what talks a lot of nonsense and has a life expectancy of four seconds?"

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