Re: Ompalam, Malia and other possibly chaotic dieties

From: hcarteau_at_ZCbUGID35jMRVnOKQPrgtZ99_h6tlhuOn3ez5d4spaSlpvTvfRi8gpMZLxKleWWtzZi
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 20:50:02 +0200 (CEST)

Oh your poor, misguided souls. ANYONE can know the Bliss of Illumination, even a smelly barbarian. The path to the Way can indeed be hidden in a ribald joke, or the sight of a frog dying, or the colors of the setting sun, or the verses of a donandari.

On 19 Aug 2012, at 12:01, Phil Hibbs wrote:

> He'd have to be clever and subtle, and would have to fit in and ingratiate > himself to them, act like one, and perhaps frame some of the riddles as bawdy jokes. Perhaps the riddler is an Uroxi or Storm Bull?

I think that that is a bitt too risky! How about a follower of Minlister, generous with the products of his craft ?            

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