Re: The same good ol' question : what is Chaos ?

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_97Cpj_bAEvpUj15RMdS4oFaqyxKsmezj4FzLasCswEj3Ynou3_UjK0aLNdoF-5>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 20:51:45 -0000

My starting point is that Chaos Is where the Cosmos Is Not. Before the world was created: that was Chaos. Where the world is destroyed: that is Chaos.

Chaos manifested in two forms: the Devil (Wakboth, moral evil) and the World Destroyer (Kajabor, the Great Fear).

Chaos came : "Seeping through cracks in the world's logic"

I don't believe that eating people leads to Ogrism or that Kinstrife creates gorp, but within the context of a magical world where a journey to the Otherside is often navigated by the Questers own consciousness it makes sense that someone who had destroyed some of their own world will find gaps in the Hero plane and those gaps are filled with that which is not the world - Chaos. So people are not turned into chaos by their acts but their acts mean that their world view (kin are my world, people are not food, order is important) now has cracks in it.

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