Re: Ompalam, Malia and other possibly chaotic dieties

From: roko_joko <roko_joko_at_lHl5CzjAb6cBgR-wAUNikJQuJSwP9yYgkk9UcPQn3nGIhK-EMe9TwknesjhSlGEtns>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 11:13:45 -0000

"Cannibalism is chaotic unless practiced by the Praxians, the Uz, the Saliligori of Homago, the Cannibal Cult, the Earthshaker Priesthood of KeroFin, a couple of Vingkotlings, just about every other cannibalistic culture except the Ogres.

The first is nice and clean. The second had more exceptions to the rule than people who are actually caught by it. Until you can put forward a nice clean definition of chaotic cannibalism, I think we're done. Pass the eyeballs?"

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