Shadows Dance and the GIant Land adjacent

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Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 20:56:33 +0800


Occasionally ther are discussions about the size of insects mentioned in Trollpak, suggesting that they seem equivalent to 1/72 scale when compared to Gonn Orta (150m). Monstrous 8m dia Spiders, 80m long centipedes, Wasp riders etc etc  

I would guess these giant insects have ‘escaped’ the giant lands adjacent, and I was wondering if there were any Gonn Orta sized cats, dogs, etc around. The only reference is the Borderlands scenario “To Giantland” that is only a minor trading outpost it seems.  

My question is more about these giant lands. They seem to me a fay/faerie land, a Shangri la, where occasionally giant couples release their children in cradles at the head waters of the Zola Fel, following some ancient ritual. Did they do it on the Oslira in god time. Is the area some remnant of the green age or such. How big is it? How many giant live there. Some 15m (in RQ) giants are occasionally seen along giant walk, but there has to be giants between the 15 and 150m sizes in the Giant land. I would not think a ‘mountain’ range could hold a giant civilization, which is why I would suggest it’s a hidden land that has weird tardis-esque effects. Thoughts…references?  

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