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...I was wondering if there were any Gonn Orta sized cats, dogs, etc around. The only reference is the Borderlands scenario “To Giantland” that is only a minor trading outpost it seems.
/// Do get the original GRIFFIN MOUNTAIN, where you actually go to Giant Land, see Gonn Orta, talk to his young and puny assistant Boshibil, must tolerate his whimpering trollking refugee community, etc. You can even play craps (with 8 cubic meters dice) with the Giant janitor, Hen Cik.
There is a giant sow in the Cradle scenario, and godlearner notes do mention at least a giant goat in another cradle. So yes, there were giant animals around. Everything was Larger before Time.

 They seem to me a fay/faerie land, a Shangri la, where occasionally giant couples release their children in cradles at the head waters of the Zola Fel, following some ancient ritual.
/// It's actually only a shade of what it was once. True Giants were the original emantion of the Man rune, the first creation of this eransachula. They were before the Green Age, and kicked True Dragons' ass. Most have vanished now. Gonn Orta is the only one I know. I don't even know who he mated with to produce his daugther.
True Giants have a very sloooooow metabolism. Their children aged much too slowly in this new world of Time. So they found a way to get them to grow outside of Time : in the Underworld, in Mama Annilla's care. Which is why they shipped them south. Read "PAVIS RISES", set in the second age, to get a feel of what it's like to be a True Giant interacting with all these agitated ants: an excellent story.

I would not think a ‘mountain’ range could hold a giant civilization, which is why I would suggest it’s a hidden land that has weird tardis-esque effects. Thoughts…references?
/// Giantland is not a "giant civilization" indeed, more like a camp. Most of the mountains around it are / were (not sure if they feel the difference) True Giants themselves. In fact, local uz and mostali know better than digging in some mountains, to avoid awakening a very p... off True Giant.

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