Re: Shadows Dance and the GIant Land adjacent

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_WIEisJ_ELZg-4PoUVI4v2ezzFe6BPwWBRXYQdRu-ZydXNEtfMT0hCOgo066FoR>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2012 23:16:58 -0000

I wasn't aware that the 1:72 scale thing was mentioned in Trollpak. I'm also not sure there is a link between Giants and Giantland, and giant insects. I think they come from different Gloranthan places, even if I believe the inspiration for them comes from the real world.

My theory is that a lot of features in Gloranthan scenarios are the result of the scenario authors grabbing whatever props were to hand when they had something interesting to represent in amongst their Citadel minature Runequest Adventurers.

Imagine Greg playtesting the Cradle Scenario. He's got a toy boat to represent the Cradle. He grabs a doll baby. There's the giant baby. When the Watchdog appears, the players want to know what it looks like, Greg puts his hands on the table and demonstrates how it walks.

For Gonn Orta, the gamemaster takes a pair of shoes and puts them on the table to represent Gonn's feet.  

Take an Action Man, and that's a good model for a large giant that one might encounter on the Giant's Walk. Take it out into the garden and make it walk in a flower bed and you've recreated the Vale of Flowers.

For adventuring in Prax, encountering some giant ruins, just grab some ornaments, some pots and pans from the kitchen perhaps, a tin of beans, or a salt shaker - instant ruins from Genert's Garden!

This may not have happened for sure, although we know Gary Gygax did it for Rust Monsters in the Other Game, and it is a useful source of props.            

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