Re: Shadows Dance and the GIant Land adjacent

From: David Cake <dave_at_LH2FCjFEhDRkfQ2rQ473XYlH_zIMAW0h1eZO2Mr0f2UOTxG8aVDCdixn6C6H7GstuvJDXka>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 00:56:33 +0800

On 26/08/2012, at 11:55 PM, jorganos wrote:

> Me:

>>> If I recall correctly, giants are bearers of disorder, so don't expect too much of a civilisation. They seem to have ties to the Spirit World, if the identification of the Genert pantheon with giants is correct.

> David Cake:
>> 	I thought it was only the non-Elder giants that are bearers of Disorder. I don't think there is any explicit reference to that connection for the Elder giants. 

> There is hardly any material on elder giants.

        True, but what material we have, would tend to suggest otherwise. Even most of the destruction caused by elder giants is only in retaliation for attacks initiated by others. We have many examples of Elder Giant artifacts, in the Cradle scenario and recently in Pavis - and not only do none of them particularly suggest Disorder, many of them quite to the contrary, there are Elder Giant devices that seem quite un-Disorderly, even Harmonious. The giant Carving Knife in the Cradle is able to reliably and repeatedly construct multiple identical magical constructs, for example. The Celestial Engine, documented as an Elder Giant creation in Pavis:GtA would seem to be about as un-Disorderly a device as you could imagine, a clockwork engine that shows the precise and predictable movements of the heavens. In short, nothing to suggest Disorder that I could see, and much to suggest otherwise.

> I still think that Disorder is a good rune for beings that are just too tall for the world.

        I think being a mountain is just about the opposite of Disorderly. If anything, Stasis.

>> 	Quite the opposite for the Elder giants, I'd say - Mountains seem to be not particularly Disorderly. 

> Lodril/Vestkarthen is the primary mountain god, and he is disorderly, too.

        I think Lodril is more associated with volcanoes than mountains in general. I agree volcanoes can reasonably be associated with Disorder, but few mountains are volcanoes. And I think the ones associated with Elder Giants would tend to, for that reason, be specifically not thought of as volcanic.         


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