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>> There is hardly any material on elder giants. I still think that Disorder is a good rune for beings that are just too tall for the world.

> Griffin Mountain tell us the the eleven big giant mountains in Giant land are descended from Acos and Larnste: "Opposites co-operated when the mountains were made, and this range was shared by Larnste, god of change, and Acos, god of immobility".

That's a very indirect inference, IMO. The cooperation of Acos and Larnste gave rise to the Rockwood Mountains - this is corroborated in the Orlanthi myth for the birth of Kero Fin. (Does this make Orlanth's mother an elder giantess?)

There is a myth about the eleven big giants of Giant Land having rebelled against the gods and being turned into mountains - probably a Dara Happan myth, in a similar line to their "summoning of the Beast Army" for Argentium Thri'ile. The key element here is "rebellion", which (at least in Peloria) is associated with Disorder.

> Then:
> "The eleven tallest mountains in Giant Land are known as the Eleven Big Giant Mountains. By legend, they are the stony remains of the ancestors of the first giants in the world. Most giants in the area claim descent from at least one mountain and will point to it with pride."

> No disorder there, I'd associate this particular group with stasis and change.

This is the myth for eleven distinct peaks, whereas the Acos/Larnste myth is for the entire range from Top of the World to the Redlands. (And it rivals the other myth about a forest turning into the mountain range which explains the name "Rockwoods" - the common element is that these mountains grew from seeds.)

> Personally I'd associate most giants with the man rune, sort of the first giant attempts by the gods to make things in their image, but more mortal and less godlike.

I'm not quite prepared to make elder giants transcendent beings like True Dragons, but surely they are defiant entities, unbound by whatever laws of nature might dictate. Another trait of the Disorder Rune.

Humanoid shape is but one form of elder giants, snow capped mountains is another. Somewhat in keeping with the norse giants, I wouldn't exclude humongous monster shapes, either (such as Fenrir or Jormungard, or Loki in stallion shape when fathering Sleipnir).            

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