Re: Shadows Dance and the GIant Land adjacent

From: David Cake <dave_at_Nt6vIRqV7d2uwvsSAMIO1eUhDTmhkQuN2cRQu3jU4K2pVPK67reAVyBi5LCNs7xSBT2jdQ1>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2012 14:47:19 +0800

On 28/08/2012, at 4:09 PM, jorganos wrote:
> There is a myth about the eleven big giants of Giant Land having rebelled against the gods and being turned into mountains - probably a Dara Happan myth, in a similar line to their "summoning of the Beast Army" for Argentium Thri'ile.

        Why would the Dara Happans have a myth about Giantland?

>> Personally I'd associate most giants with the man rune, sort of the first giant attempts by the gods to make things in their image, but more mortal and less godlike.

> I'm not quite prepared to make elder giants transcendent beings like True Dragons, but surely they are defiant entities, unbound by whatever laws of nature might dictate. Another trait of the Disorder Rune.

        That is a serious stretch. By that logic, Dragons and mystics would be associated with the Disorder rune.

        Personally, I find it hard to imagine anything LESS disorderly (or defiant of nature, for that matter) than sitting down immobile for centuries, and becoming part of the geography.

	Though constructing elaborate clockworks that perfectly demonstrate the predictable and orderly nature of the world is also a very very not-Disorderly activity, and the Elder Giants apparently to that too. 

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