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Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2012 20:34:34 -0000

Peter Metcalfe:

> I really see the Elder Giants as being a spiritually advanced
> portion of the Giants as a whole. The relationship between them
> and ordinary giants is more like the relationship between Dwarves
> and Diamondwarves or between Brithini and other Malkioni rather
> than being separate species.

I would agree. However, I can't see them mating, so perhaps they are more like trollkin to Mistress Race trolls.

To answer the original post, I think that Giantland covers the whole of the Inner Rockwoods, on both sides of Dragon Pass. If yopu look at the maps, there are an awful lot of mountains in the Rockwoods (except for the bit near Dorastor which seems to be very thin). East of the Elder Wilds, or rather between the Elder Wilds and Dagori Inkarth, is a huge mountain range, full of impassable mountains. I can see Giants living there without being bothered by outsiders.

The Giant's Walk through the Vale of Flowers ends in the Rockwoods. There is also a place called "Door" that is a giant door leading to Giantland. The Faceless Statue is a giant artefact to the south of Giantland and the Throne still remains. Even Gonn Orta has settled as close to Giantland as he can without actually being in it.

I can see Giantland as being a semi-magical place and could accept short worlds being part of it. As for it being too small to house giants, have you ever looked at a map and measured how big it is? It is easily big enough to be a small village for the giants, if you multiply distances by 100. How big is a big village, 1000m wide? Multiply that by 100 and you get 100 kilometres, which fits into Giantland. That is all giants really need.

As for giants turning into mountains, we have evidence for the Nine Good Giant Mountains, the giant Dolog who sat on Canis Chaos, the other Eleven Big Giant Mountains and the reference in Gonn Orta's Castle of him sitting waiting to turn into a mountain.

We have more evidence of giants being active. Gonn Orta has a history that has stretched back into the Greater Darkness. Paragua and Thog fought against Robcradle and Pavis respectively. MRQII had an Elder Ginat turn up at Pavis asking about a missing Cradle. The Cradles regularly went down the river.            

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