Re: Shadows Dance and the GIant Land adjacent

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Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2012 14:19:34 -0700

>>I think that they are gigantic only in the sense of large, not giantish.
>>But the Praxians are ignorant of much of the basis of their own mythology.
>>It has to do with their spirits being the surviving remnants of something
>>that didn't really survive as a whole. Waha's followers put a gloss on
>>things to make them comprehensible.

I'm of the opinion that there are many Really Tall humanoid beings out there that aren't necessarily related save as to their size. The "Mountain" giants and the Elder giants aren't (to me, but then I've gone rogue re: Glorantha anyway), related, except some people call both species "Giant".

The process of being an Elder Giant is a journey towards Transcendence. Once the giant has achieved Transcendence he is no longer ensnared by the distractions of the world and he settles down as a Mountain. Gonn Orta is still ensnared by the World. Maybe if he finds the right Duck ...

The process of being a "mountain" giant is one of destruction and mayhem and eating (and pooping - I wonder if Giant poop is good for the fields?). Disorder-rune based, they don't "settle down" until they are killed (they live long enough that "dying of natural causes" may take many generations, and there is probably a "Giant's Graveyard" somewhere where they go to die, so no-one ever sees a dead-of-natural-causes Giant corpse. And if I ever restart my EngiziLand campaign...).

The other giants at Gonn Orta's joint are "mountain" trolls that have gone against type.

>From such a face and form as mine, the noblest sentiments sound like the
black utterance of a depraved imagination.            

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