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Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2012 21:26:43 -0000

>> The Founders, children of Storm Bull, definitely are gigantic, too,

Chris Lemens:
> I think that they are gigantic only in the sense of large, not giantish.

As far as I am concerned, giants are about being ridiculously large, strong, and tough. Anything else is added encumberance.

> But the Praxians are ignorant of much of the basis of their own mythology. It has to do with their spirits being the surviving remnants of something that didn't really survive as a whole. Waha's followers put a gloss on things to make them comprehensible.

I'd like to point out that the Beast Rider nomads are not the ones who had the earlier culture of Golden Age Prax and Genert's Garden - at that time, they were mostly decorative roaming folk feeding on the bounty of the land. The debate still remains undecided whether the Gern was made slightly less intelligent or the other Beast Rider humans slightly more. I mean, sons of Storm Bull, what do you expect?

Waha is different in taking responsibiöity for the culture of Golden Age Prax as well, rather than just for his own tribe(s).

>> as is the manifestation of Waha, their youngest brother.

> He's a half-brother if you take the relationships literally, which I don't (because, among other things, it's anti-MGF).

Many powerful Praxians' children will be half-siblings. I don't think it makes much of a distinction. Umath's get was called brothers, too, with not a single shared mother among them.

> If he's literally a giant, I would have expected the Praxians to know it.

When he comes forth to fight (or to dig a channel), he certainly is huge.

> He was physically present more recently than Julius Caesar and we know what he looked like. A Waha (though a human with magic) later accompanied other giants, and the Praxians didn't call them both giants. So I don't think he's a giant. But if MGF in YG required it, it would have to be true.

Of course there are giants from the mountain doing strange stuff, and then there is Waha (and the Founders) using the correct magics of the people. Waha is of the Chaparral, not of the mountains, of course he is different. The Founders are of Golden Age Prax and not the Chaparral, either. While they make good war leaders, they are neither good survivalists nor good teachers of Praxian Golden Age culture.            

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