Re: Voriof Brings the Clouds

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Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2012 17:12:24 -0000

As mentioned, in Storm Tribe (iirc that book was written for Hero Wars--HQ rev0 more or less, so potentially superseded since then), Voriof is a sub-cult of Heler. Under his water rune he'd have cloud and rain type abilities more than those dealing with water lying around on the ground.

But I wonder, is he specifically focused on Voriof, or on being a shepherd? Again harkening back to the Hero Wars books Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe, even where there are specialist gods, most Heortlings in a profession still worship Orlanth, because Orlanth did pretty much everything....including herding. In Thunder Rebels there was an Orlanth Allfather subcult associated with herding in general (not just sheep). Orlanth allfather, in HQ2 terms, would be people whose initiation was based on the mastery rune, so presumably he would have storme, MASTERY, and some variant on beast.

For that matter, I seem to recall that there are herding alynx, which must mean some herding Yinkini....but they would be the ones who give shepherds a bad name for leaving their herds while they wander off to visit lonely women on the neighbouring tula.

And a final note, Jeff Kyer had a Voriof based heroquest submitted for one of the HQ1 scenario books, that was never published. I'm not quite sure what the state of ownership of it is now, and if it is allowed to share it publicly. (I remember the essence of it from conversations with Jeff, but I don't have a final copy and I wouldn't want to cross any ownership lines)



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