Re: Voriof Brings the Clouds

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_-jzrXwJ0ihneFiI-yu4usGMY_b6Hn_DY3e4bIpLWE_LYN28SplH3_CLo82Mu_3UrHB>
Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2012 18:55:10 -0000

Well, if they have no real experience in Glorantha, you can probably get away with all sorts of "In _your_ clan, this is how things are done" to make things interesting. They can find out later that they may not be typical.

Maybe find out what his mental reference points for a shepherd are? Are we talking more King David of Goliath slaying fame (who started out as a shepherd), or Little Boy Blue, or irascible Scotsmen sneering at the soft lowlanders, or.....?

I know in my case, the first time I got to design a Runequest III character (rather than rolling everything) he had a herding background, inspired in no small part by King David. He might look like nobody, but could in fact be a deadly skirmisher (by the time the character was finished he'd shifted concepts somewhat, but that was where I started). For someone like that, perhaps in their clan Voriof is part of Orlanth Thunderous (the natural bridge with Heler), and you could follow Voriof and Hedkoranth the thunder-slinger at the same time? He may not have a warriors gear, but fear his sling!


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