Re: Campaign advice

From: hcarteau_at_A2tQ4MAqKBexxqTekgkM4ZwsfuuxNvbXAqcFPnS0fWEOqsMCZFXSAwOPSFocvQhl-Xg
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 09:28:15 +0200 (CEST)

You know the most important thing : what stories you want to enact. Now, are you big on ROLE, and go for HQ, or on PLAY, and go for RQ?

HQ gives you quasi-total freedom to focus on the story. It allows you to improvise on the go every time these damn players go in unplanned directions. Some, however, do find game mecanisms a little dull. HQ requests good storytelling, and responding players.

RQ gives you excellent, solid rules (I heard RQ 6 now includes personality traits, always a must), so traditional players may feel more comfortable with it. But you will need lots of time to write/prepare your stories. Some people like that, some don't.

What's your taste?


You will want/need Sartar and Sartar Companion. That's a big part of what they came out of - the campaigns David Dunham (creator of KoDP) and I ran.


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