Re: Strangest thing your Heroes have Proved via Heroquest?

From: differentcomputers <mdawson_at_MZT9_mtTwBe8FKExM3K3Y5-daK41okupSJY5hL-sTyt__cWaw90vWAcuq7qKPdCtiWrO>
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 15:42:26 -0000

I realize now I don't recall many of the details. I'll look them up.

but I remember that some of the greatest challenges came after passing the Zorak Zorani guardian of Kyger Litor in the darkened chamber of the Mothers. There She was in her black glory, at least 20 feet tall, covered in voluminous black skirts. The horrors they faced making their way under those skirts!

One does not journey carelessly between Kyger Litor's thighs. But Will, the Champion of Pavis and his brother, Senech passed those thighs, and Senech was "supporting" Will, acting as the Penis of Pavis, much as the Babeester Gori was his axe.

So the climax of the quest pretty much proved it.

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