Re: Strangest thing your Heroes have Proved via Heroquest?

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_iC8pXZmwnBFUb0FGSYUJiZUqzvVW_SJe46Noh5CoRfmHZN_nGjpNObCulOd0AO9b>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:23:57 -0000


> I hate the Vadeli.

I think the word you are looking for is actually "fear" or maybe evern "cower at the mere mention of" -- at least, that was my reaction when their ship walked up onto shore.

Though, you know, they were extremely cordial, quite polite, and never forced anyone to do anything.

(And for everyone else, they still got exactly what they wanted.)


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