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On 9/16/2012 2:26 AM, aureclepius wrote:

> - Does Colymar stablish a clan before entering Dragon Pass? I believe he does it once they settle at Nymie Valley, but I'm not sure. Is the clan named "the Black Spear Clan"?

The answer seems to be yes.

     With the blessing from the Old Orshanti Clan, [...], the new Black Spear clan [...] prepared to enter Dragon Pass.

     KoS p201

> - Concerning the Black Spear. In the future, the magical weapon is a part of the royal regalia of the Colymar Tribe, but why Chief Colymar has this powerful weapon? Does he obtains it on a heroquest? Does it belongs to the Orshanti Clan (the clan of Colymar and, by the way, the clan of Sartar)? And in that case, why the elders of Clan Orshanti let Colymar take the weapon?

If the Orshanti Clan did give it to Chief Colymar, it's probably because they didn't want him to get killed. If they kept all the treasures for themselves and none for the new clan, nobody would go which is the opposite of what they want.

> - Finally, I've realized in "King of Sartar", it's said Colymar uses some kind of "illusion magic" to let the bystanders believe he and his people had been devoured by a "two-headed dragonewt". This way, everybody at Kethaela believe they are dead and Colymar can settles Dragon Pass undisturbed (although eventually word came out about them). But this event is not mentioned in "Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes", where is only said Colymar and his wife cross the line and nothing bad happens. As "S:KoH" is a most new source, is the "illusion magic event" no longer true?

I doubt it. Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes is big enough as it is without having to cram each and every detail from King of Sartar in order to confirm it. Merely because it is not repeated in a different source does not mean it is not true.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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