Re: Androgeus

From: hcarteau_at_C2kyFpMNJz6HtC5nipriK1b9LrWqgn2YS-fammbJdvg7dsTL1MKFUh73m45VTSkGVAu
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:55:20 +0200 (CEST)

He/she is mentioned in the old RUNEQUEST COMPANION (published 1983...) in the Fadabius Dispatch (p. 29), as the "unatural one" who "grows fat on the blood of our borderlands". It's an imperial letter, so its POV might be biased.

I also remember reading a story about a Tribal King in Sartar giving away his trickster to Androgeus, who claimed his life because he had just told the tale of its origin and reminded him/her the cruel story. Can't remember in which book that was though (one of the Book of Tentacles maybe).

But you're right, we have little on this person. I wonder if he/she will be in the GUIDE TO GLORANTHA. If he/she is, then a long, productive life opens before him/her. If not...            

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