Bagogi Queens

From: schedim <dust_rat_at_13R1mHk3JjfBgjp_NjytacE0M50oaEQL6Uoy4yAJWl9cOzGR-Ox8C1j2-P6qccffcUF>
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2012 11:43:44 -0000

Been doing a bit of research into the scorpionmen and their "culture" and one thing struck me. If the published sources are to be belived the number of Bagogi queens are constantly dwindling as there is not any way to create _new_ queens. (except from the situation where a Qeen accept a challange from a croup of "princesses" which I hardly can see).

I will correct this with a houserule (probably something along that a shaman could do minor spirit quest to turn into a queen ... or something).

Have I overlooked something or have someone else been contemplating the same thing?            

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