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The "Resettlement Era" is a great setting for me, as Dragon Pass in 1300 is almost an empty land full of wonders and ripe for exploration. As everything is new, in each adventure you can introduce some new element, such as trolls, elves, dragonuts, spirits, giants, an orlanthi holy day, new clans arriving to the zone... one element each time.

And not having those pesky lunars (for a while) destroying everything is good for me, as I can concentrate in a more orlanthi-centric game, not one with the Rebellion as the core theme.

> I ran the adventure using the FATE ruleset,
> what I find really fits the setting (not so
> different from HeroQuest 2 in a sense).
> /// What's FATE ?

Sorry, FATE is a system derived from FUDGE, used in games like "Dresden Files", "Starblazers Adventures" or "Spirit of the Century". Follow the link provided by Olivier to learn more.

Is a very flexible system I've used in many settings: a fantasy pirate campaign, a gloranthan resettlement short campaign, and, beginning next week, a Star Wars campaign. I love the HeroQuest 2 ruleset, it's a very insightful rulebook, but when I used it to play a Pavis campaign, the conflicts feels too abstracted for the taste of my group.

>> Players had a Barntar farmer (strongest
>> man in the clan), a scheming Ernalda
>> priestess, a Yinkini huntress, a grim
>> Humakti, an Issaries skald and a adventuring
>> Vingan explorer. They were members of
>> the Orshanti clan when Colymar created
>> the Black Spear clan.
> /// That is a good character mix. Any ladies playing?

No; that's a shame. A friend of mine wanted to play along his girlfriend, but they arrived too late, when every character was already chosen.

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