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> In the Lunar Handbook, the statrap of First Blessed is Enzortis Taran-il, and it is implied that he is from Rinliddi (p. 22).

I fear that ILH-1 in error. Details on each of the satrapal clans is contained in the Guide (and written by Greg, MOB, Nick Brooke, and myself).

Here's the details on the Taran-il clan as of 1621:

Heartland Satraps: Taran-il
Flower Poem is a Lunar Immortal and one of the Egi residing on the Moon. She was a minor goddess of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, and song, who was awakened by the Red Goddess herself during the halcyon early years of the Zero Wane. Flower Poem now resides on the Red Moon, and reappears from time to time to take a lover from her descendents and continue her semi-divine lineage of the Taran-il. The Taran-il are known as fey magicians, often mad, but always powerful and usually illuminated. In 6/10 (1527), the Taran-il seized control of First Blessed after a long Dart Competition against the Jenet-aror. The Red Emperor decided that the Taran-il clan proved their lawful title to that the satrapy after the tax demons did not touch them despite their usurpation. The Jenet-aror assassinated the Red Emperor but the clan was executed for treason when the Emperor returned. Flower Poem's infrequent visitations over the centuries are cause for rapturous celebration and wonder across the Satrapy. She has not appeared for nearly two generations and her direct line consists of a few decadent and aging cousins who expend vast wealth and magical resources maintaining their youth and potency while awaiting Flower Poem's return.

> > The ILH is a bit vague on intermediate rulership in Dara Happa (specfically where I'm interest in, Yuthuppa). You have the Red Emperor who is the son of the Red Moon Goddess but not of a mortal Dara Happan. Then you have the Satrap of First Blessed, who is appointed by the Red Emperor (and who could be (?), is (?), or isn't (?)) a Dara Happan?

The ruler of the Empire is the Red Emperor, who is the Dara Happan Emperor, Moon Son, Shah of Shahs, Sultan of Khans, and a whole host of other titles.

The Taran-il family are responsible for exacting the emperor's taxes, protecting the native people, assuring respect for the Red Goddess, keeping the peace, and enforcing the emperor's personal commands. They control all government functions in First Blessed including courts of redress, licensing of intercity travel and trade, police and fire brigades, tax collection, etc. and collect fees for everything. The ruling families commonly hold wide estates, many large businesses, and religious positions as well.

Satrapal government is simply overlaid upon the network of existing cities and towns. Tax collectors are headquartered in cities and send agents to each village, which is responsible for paying in food amounts set by the state.

Getting down to Yuthuppa. That city, as one of the Dara Happan Tripolis, is administered according to traditional means, in this case by the House of Yuthmesha (an ancient family), but the real rulers of Yuthuppa has always been the Buserian priesthood.

Is that enough for you?


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