Re: Another Dara Happa question

From: drscience3000 <dr.dave.00_at_xPD0iKEFxaE4kNBW_tDkShC0hiQsU_Sd2RG_h-FEA6JZ3k6w0b6eRlWNS6A6ppfu7>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 00:05:20 -0000

I made this a different post, since this is comment rather than part of what I'm trying to understand; But I'm not sure this is a problem. The Satrap answers the Emperor and seems to have enough authority to intervene if a city or province does something "wrong" and if they need to suggest a correct action to the city, it makes little difference to the Lunars if the Overseer does it or passes the info on the priest of Buserian? Though I guess imbedding Lunars as secretaries helps them keep informed.

(BTW, there is no reason someone can't be both a Lunar and an acceptable Dara Happan, is there? You just have the right blood & reverence for Yelm and also acknowledge the Red Moon Goddess, presumably as the daughter of Yelm.)            

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