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Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 19:03:50 +1300

On 10/3/2012 12:50 PM, drscience3000 wrote:

> I assume the importance of the priests are because of Yuthuppa's role as a center of the star seers which has just sort of bled over into day-to-day political decision making?
The Priesthoods of Dayzatar and Buserian are important because over a thousand years ago, the Emperors of Dara Happa made them independent of his servants (ie gave them a single duty of worshipping their god). So what you have in Yuthuppa are large temples who own large estates and businesses to support themselves and don't pay any taxes to the local Yelmic nobles. A thousand years of this (minus the repeated conquests and sackings) and you have the Overseer of Yuthuppa being relegated to a secondary role.

> The Glorantha wiki and ILH mention JenetAror (but they were eliminated as traitors?) and MolariSor (had a member become a mask of the Red Emperor, so they are a top clan)?

The MolariSor rule Oraya rather than First Blessed.

> One more question, I assume in over-all Dara Happan society, the clans in Yuthuppa would be of similar importance to those in Raibanth? Raibanth is a the traditional capital, but the emperors have come from clans across Dara Happa?

Raibanth has a different set-up. It's dominated by the Great Yelmic Families of which the Assiday are the most powerful (I think the Overseer or Patriarch of Raibanth belongs to them) plus the Imperial Senate.

As for the Imperial Origins, I'm not certain what you mean. The Red Emperors come from all over the country but they are chosen because they have become part of the Red Emperor rather than their clan associations. The Dara Happans on the other hand don't seem to be from all over the country.

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