Re: Another Dara Happa question

From: Jeff <richaje_at_cR--jzOgAZJlvByM_ZSm62GBuimp76S0dtMNgMaciHe4Of6PSziKP1NqC8dNPiGxamzH>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 06:56:24 -0000

> "Details on each of the satrapal clans is contained
> in the Guide (and written by Greg, MOB, Nick Brooke, and myself)."
> I assume this book isn't called just "the Guide", what is the full title?

The Guide to Glorantha. About 300,000 words, about a hundred pages of maps, and the detailed canonical guide to the entire setting of Glorantha. The Lunar Empire chapter contains far more information about the Empire than ILH-1 plus 2, but it also has far more information on every region of the lozenge than has ever been in print before. It is the reference book for Glorantha that the Moon Design writers rely on - and will be available to all Gloranthaphiles in late November or December.


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