Re: Cults for Dara Happan noble women

From: Glass <martinglass_at_...>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 15:17:08 -0000

> The words "rising and falling" or "passing" are not present in the text
> that I am looking at.

I started to list all times the text has Dendara "rise" or "fall" into the underworld (starting on page 9 and then skipping ahead 67 is particularly clear) but it became petty -- as unhelpful as the Paradox Solution.

In any case the quotes here are mine to show that while we can and should look at the modern (re)syncretic goddess as a mask of Entekos, she's also always the planetary Emperor's Wife and so moving her into the "air" column may be too simple.

Addi discovered that Dendara was connected [quotes removed] in some complex way -- sometimes identical, sometimes not quite -- to Entekos. Don't worry. I'm not arguing that.

But what are the "air powers" that letting Entekos worshippers into the Dendara temples sometime around 1400 ST (third wane) passed over to Dendara?

I was hoping you found something specific. Does modern Dara Happan Dendara work with weather powers? Lightning bolts? Calm Air? Teleportation?

Probably not teleportation, that's the blue planet.            

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