Re: Another Dara Happa question

From: drscience3000 <dr.dave.00_at_kGtpL08u1ZlymSGvFOPsyw42S9oFrW_Txc44mxz-Jut31mxgRgx4g8tzFe69cCqYm>
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 19:44:23 -0000

> > One more question, I assume in over-all Dara Happan society, the

>> clans in Yuthuppa would be of similar importance to those in 
>> Raibanth?  Raibanth is a the traditional capital, but the emperors 
>>have come from clans across Dara Happa?

> Raibanth has a different set-up. It's dominated by the Great Yelmic
> Families of which the Assiday are the most powerful (I think the
> Overseer or Patriarch of Raibanth belongs to them) plus the Imperial
> Senate.
> As for the Imperial Origins, I'm not certain what you mean. The Red
> Emperors come from all over the country but they are chosen because they
> have become part of the Red Emperor rather than their clan
> associations. The Dara Happans on the other hand don't seem to be from
> all over the country.

I'm sorry I wasn't clearer. I mean the old Darra Happan Emperors (pre Lunar) didn't just come from Raibanth but from across Dara Happa (so that Raibanth as a city might be the capital, but the clans from the other cities are just as important as the ones in Raibanth)?            

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