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> I'm sorry I wasn't clearer. I mean the old Darra Happan Emperors (pre Lunar) didn't just come from Raibanth but from across Dara Happa (so that Raibanth as a city might be the capital, but the clans from the other cities are just as important as the ones in Raibanth)?

It's complicated. There's really only been five Dara Happan dynasties/clans

Khordavu dynasty - claims descent from the Hero Avivath who lived in Raibanth.

Erzanestyu dynasty - claims descent from a minor house related to the previous dynasty. The first Emperor of this dynasty however had to have been available to the Orlanthi occupiers and hence probably lived in or near Raibanth.

Denesiod dynasty - claims descent from Raiba, God of Raibanth.

Karvanyar dynasty - founded by a Lone Hero who claims descent from the last Denesiod Emperor

(Carmanians) - not Dara Happans.

New Solar Dynasty - Yelmgatha is from Orlentos in south Kostaddi. But the first emperor in his dynasty is one Spengatha about whom we know little except that Yelmgatha was probably a relative.

Subsequent Emperors in a dynasty have to be within four generations of an Emperor or a God (the rule was relaxed after the Dragonkill if no other candidate was available). This was usually a son of a grandson and so I really don't see the throne being passed to clans around the country.

Hence I count three clans and possibly four clans with origins in Raibanth.

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