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In the adventure, we didn't use the Mental stress track to impose penalties for a failed spell; the spell simply didn't work. But that's a very good improvement we could have used, indeed.

The characters lost stress points depending of the conflict they were involved, not so much because of the Skill used. As an example, at the end of the adventure, they were trying to cross the Colymar Wilds to reach Tarndisi Grove. I just said the Colymar Wilds had a Skill named "Get intruders lost +6". It also had a stress track with five points.

Each character could use a single Skill (perhaps Augmented with another Skill) against the "Get intruders lost" Skill of the Colymar Wilds. If they were successful the Colymar Wilds stress track was injured. Otherwise, the Mental track of the characters was injured.

+6 is a very high difficulty to beat in the game. The Vinga adventuress used his Rune of Movement to climb to the top of the trees, trying to see a path across the forest. He failed the conflict, and get some points of mental stress (lost confidence). The Earth priestress used his Rune of Earth to try have a dream where the daimones of the earth guided her to the Grove. She got a success and "injured" the Colymar Wilds stress track. The Yinkini was the most useful of the characters, using her Survival Skill (and some Aspects) to almost win the conflict single handedly.

As you see, some characters used mundane Skills (Survival, Resolve) and some magic Skills (Rune of Earth, Rune of Yinkin), against an opposed Skill. But everyone got damage to the Mental stress track, no matter the Skill used.

Concerning the mapping of FATE levels and HQ masteries... yes the "conversion table" you've shown is spot-on.

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