Re: Another Dara Happa question

From: kmnellist <keith.nellist_at_rbat7OSJODcsA88TSRKKn6ltYD7VpI0P4Jy0OijPsppBs03C8IfueCcOAyVf_b>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2012 08:23:30 -0000

> And a question. In Solar theology, is it believed there is only one proper candidate which the ten tests reveal? Or is it believed that there may be more than one suitable emperor, and the ten tests indicate that he is one of the suitable people?

Normally, only one candidate survives the Ten Tests. That is the suitable candidate.

The Red Emperor was a dual Emperor with Yelmgatha for a while, so there can be more than one.            

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