Re: Cults for Dara Happan noble women

From: Glass <martinglass_at_f94_YoKjy5Z7m9q9tUliaRNGVByMZVaSdVVh4L0-jDYqAdBmIcjG23tIG5JcBR3z>
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2012 22:47:33 -0000

Maybe I'm just taking an overly anthropological perspective and not thinking of "initiation" as a game status.

I always imagined peasant weddings -- literally "common law" -- as initiating the Dara Happan rabble into adult status in the cult as husbands and fathers (in some order). Even if it's only a wild bachelor party, you spent your POW point and when you woke up you were a man.

Dara Happan peasant women would have it even worse in Gloranthan terms because the need for an initiation to signal menarche is that much more pressing. Previously they would've comprised whatever portion of the Oria cult complex is active in the Tripolis, and of which sensible literati do not concern themselves much less speak.

Failing to routinize the passage into adulthood may be part of the modern decadence I keep hearing that post-Lunar prosperity has wrought and a cause of great kvetching about "babies having babies" among the do-gooding classes.

All these people might have once initiated to the city gods instead, back when that was a mechanic.            

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