Re: Dendara Does, Molanni Malingers, Entekos...

From: Jeff <richaje_at_yWmLE5Mf2uLn5oQAHGGd5E7me7rLcU_5B0ZwshGYfZbWoPXShlvsjdYZHSu6QY3NQ4Hb>
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 04:51:08 -0000

> Ask a modern Dara Happan and (Y)ELM's wife is self-evidently the faithful White Planet. Ask them in Saird, where Molanni of the Jar, the sun's lover, comes from, and they'll probably say she's an air goddess, although Saird is still imperfectly understood so who knows.

Woah, keep in mind the Gods Wall, the most important Dara Happan source of the identity of the gods places Entekos amonst the Gods of the Sky and Dendara amongst the Gods of the Earth. You can go and see it yourself. And the Gods Wall is holy writ for most Dara Happans from Elz Ast to Mirin's Cross, must more than the musings of some Lunar heroquester amongst the half-civilized Darsenites.


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