Re: The Resettlement of Chief Colymar

From: aureclepius <cruzmorales_at_UTpVMM2Y-nZJfGHJlSdaXYiikueE3eQduUiF0a7aLh7qGb5o_a_ELwarayPeRfjF>
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 15:10:28 -0000

That's what "Initiate of Barntar" or "Devotee of Yinkin" was used for in our game. "Initiate of Humakt" was once compeled in the adventure to make him act "in a grim way" in one situation.

Perhaps using "Air Rune" as a Skill and "Air Rune" as an aspect could be a good idea, but usually I use more "dull" names for Skills and more "colorful" names for Aspects ;), so "Death Rune" or "Rune of Death" is a good name for a Skill to me, but I prefer names like "Devotee of the War God" or "Leader of the Wooden Sword Temple" for an Aspect.

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