Re: Pentan shamanic tradition

From: hcarteau_at_HlUOC7YcAzmC-hgri8r22vx_zXMuzrZQniMdHrYhDjxnFZihBHUlNlhpE4MSXhS6woD
Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 19:23:09 +0200 (CEST)

How about "Kargzant and his Heroes kick the shit out of the western walkers (aka "slaves") and become their Kings after razing their cities" ? This way you have a bad-ass quest against Dara Happans using Yelm's powers. Who is the strongest sun ?

Or you could do the same with Kra Lor - MUCH MORE exotic. "Kargzant and his pals beat up the dragons" sounds cool.

Or even worse : one of the many disguised "Looking for our Hero Sheng Seleris" Quests.


I've got a PC that is a Pentan shaman in training. I want to run a heroquest to acquire a fetch for him. What myth would you use for that? I've been picking over various sources - very few have much to say about Pent directly, though there is a lot more about other Kargzant traditions such as the Char-Un and Grazers. The only direct write up of Kargzant as a Pentan tradition was the one in MRQ2 Cults of Glorantha book (with the Kargzant battles the Darkness myth, which could be a potential choice). There are other candidates though (the Grazer Denbitos tradition in the HeroQuest rulesbook, the Char-Un Sun Stallion writeup in Sons of Kargzant, Lendarshi myth, etc). Cheers

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