Re: Pentan shamanic tradition

From: salimondo <martinglass_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2012 21:40:55 -0000

Exactly! "Tell my horse..."

Looking more closely, it looks like the Orlanthi tell their own version of the Hippogriff story where Hyalor does all the damage himself. Depending on how much psychodrama your player wants and what side of the Greatlands they tend to roam, it could be an option. For me, Storm Bull, earth and hungry dark are probably more dramatic ritual enemies and will make a better scene.

Anyway, I like something like this because it's too good a myth to waste as a just-so story and IMG Pentan shamans need something to make them weird. Every normal boy of the tribe learns to catch and break a horse as part of what we used to call the Yelm Rider subcult, and the better a normal man you were, the more likely you were to have a horse worth binding a cult spirit into.

The fetch is something else!            

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