Re: Dendara Does, Molanni Malingers, Entekos...

From: hcarteau_at_arDdFcyUn6MvATHUtoqJs4RYquO4MI30U1PqAKGoMpUxKViKn92shF-b47M5srx9rNg
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 20:00:21 +0200 (CEST)

> So if I ask that Dara Happan the name of the White Planet, he'll say...?
> /// He won't talk to a dirty barbarian like you, and certainly not about Sacred Lore of Heavens.

If people didn't talk, our understanding of Glorantha would be a lot poorer. Ergo, they talk. ;-) /// Well, making them talk despite them wanting to keep their lore secret from foreigners, or having the PCs act so the NPC have to share this lore, is what makes Glorantha richer everyday :-). Sacred Lore is hard to get. Why do you think the Entekosiad is so hard to understand ? It's coded to keep it safe from non-initiates like us. Besides, it's women's magics.

Now I know who "Moskalf" really is and am homing back in on Malia/Molanni. Even if the end result of all of this is an ex cathedra "no," it's still worth it to learn where prior canon no longer applies. /// Absolutely. But you lost me here. Moskalf is a praxian name for a white star, which is... which one to the DH ?            

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