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> WHY I HATE COWS - a Pentan Shaman Speaks
> You ask what have the Cows done to me that I should hate them so? That
> is not the right question. The real question is what have I not done to
> the Cows to make them fitting of me?
> You have heard it said, no doubt by that idiot Khan and others, that
> Hyalor found a sky creature broken by others and made it the first
> horse. This tale is lies believed only by those fit for tending
> slaves. Hippoi was an evil monster that gorged itself on the flesh of
> the first people. You may still find her kind in the depths of our land
> if you are unlucky enough. With the might of Kargzant in him, Hyalor
> sought Hippoi out and broke it to make the First Slave, our horses.
> Others followed Hyalor's path and made more slaves so that our kin may
> have children, fight with weapons of bronze and iron and so on even
> though they do not deserve it.
> This will be your duty should you chose to follow me - to make new
> slaves of the monsters that plague us and our kin. There will be
> nothing that we cannot break. The demons of the north were once strong
> and mighty until we broke them. Now they spawn the most weakest of
> wretches and tremble with fear. whenever we are near. The Dead of
> Orathorn wanted to drink the blood of our kin but we broke them to be
> the basest of slaves. Everything in our land that makes our kin strong
> is there because we fought the monsters and broke them into our slaves.
> Everything that is except for the cows, they were never broken. Our kin
> found them in a strange land and brought them back to make their lives
> easier. They refuse to let us break them because the resulting slaves
> were no good. And so our land is blightd by these creepy monsters with
> their weird unblinking eyes, their horns of sharp doom, their evil
> plotting while they chew their cud and their hideous udders...
> --Peter Metcalfe

(Orlanthi from the South)

"And this is how steadfast Urox and Uralda defeated the arrogant and prideful Yelm-slaves of the North. They are fickle and not entirely loyal to their gods, and believe in the Chaos-Lie of Authority and Slavery. Even our cows are free! Not all the tortures nor shrieks of unearned command could break the hard working, kind, noble cow. Now, you know why cows are the best animal in all the world, and the basis of our wealth! Praise Kingstorm and Earthqueen for our cows! Also, it shows how cowardly the horse-riders of Pent are if they're afraid of *cows*, boy!"            

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