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Making a Lightning Spear, or an Undead-Cleaving Sword implies IMO specialized magics from the Gods : from Orlanth or Humakt in this case.

Orlanth doesn't forge, he goes on Quests and rips the lightning spear from the fire tribe. I'd say my bonesmiths couldn't make one.

Humakt has Iginew the Swordsmith sub-cult, which can perfectly well imbue Swords with specific powers, particularly against undead.

For a Gustbran smith, I'd stick with your initial, generic approach : "Sharp Weapons to Protect Clan" for instance.


On 10/10/2012 12:14 PM, Andrew Larsen wrote:
> So one of my PCs worships Gustbran, and I've been wondering how to handle him making magic items. What I'm currently thinking is that any initiate can do a simple enchantment (Sword Hits Harder, for example) that grants a +3 bonus to a weapon for a session. If the character receiving the enchantment wants to make it permanent he can spend a Hero Point to get a Keyword at 13 or a +2 Breakout.
> To make a more special weapon, such as an Undead Cleaving Sword he needs to be Devotee, needs to collect special components, and needs to learn a Feat to make that particular weapon. Once made, the recipient needs to spend a Hero Point to keep it. If the smith then wants to make a Lightning Spear, he needs to learn that as a separate feat.
> Does that seem like a reasonable way to handle things? Or is there a single Forge Remarkable Weapon Feat, which can be applied to any special weapon the character can find the lore to make?

HQ2 has some rules on making items p98. But I would suggest instead the following.

The smith needs a forge. Define that as a community (HQ2 p87 following).

The forge will have five abilities. Let's say the forge has the ability to make magic swords at 6W.

The smith can draw upon the resources of the forge to make any number of magic swords (HQ2 p88). This gives him the Magic Swords resource at 6W. The difficulty of obtaining this resource is conditioned by the amount of time he has to make the swords, the number of people he has to make it for (outfitting an army is considerably more difficult than outfitting a party).

In addition, the resource should be used for a specific goal in mind. Don't allow to keep my party strong. Do allow to raid the Blind King's Castle or to defend my village from the Ewoks of Doom. Once the goal is completed, the resource is used up - the magic wears out from the swords, too many of them have been broken or dented to be useful.

To make specific or legendary weapons needs only be dealt with if the end result is giving an ability to another player. I would simply treat the weapon as a retainer (HQ2 p62) or perhaps even a sidekick (p64).

--Peter Metcalfe            

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