Re: Gustbran mechanics

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_I5FtnZxbHeA4I0YUmpNUym1hfav9VJ45CE_4x2ppgmvvCjJgUrJOjhIfJELWVuXvHZWEZR>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 19:38:39 +0100

You need special mechanics for Gustbran smiths in the same way that you need special mechanics for non Gustbran smiths, which is to say, not at all. Making a valuable and highly effective mundane sword is the same as making a magic sword, or a good cart or gold necklace. HeroQuest is not about swords, it's about stories and people. What effect does the sword have on the story? A gift? Use the smith's ability to persuade the recipient. To help a fighter? Use the ability as an augment. A bane sword for a specific foe? A plot augment, perhaps.

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