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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 13:29:03 +0200 (CEST)

You're welcome. Keep us posted about this Smith PC. Killing the Master Smith is a bit hard and the player might worry too much. How'bout making the smith wounded in a forge accident ? Sabotage, perhaps ? As he lingers between life and death, horribly burnt, he manages to whisper a few secrets to his apprentice... but only part of them. How will he find the missing parts ?

Those are some very nice ideas, and I may well wind up using all of them in some shape. Thank you for the suggestions! Once he initiates, I'm tempted to kill off the clan smith in a raid, just to put more emphasis on his role in the clan.

Andrew E. Larsen

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> /// If a player feels Inspiration in playing a smith, by all means let's find cool stuff for the smith to do. Such as...
> - using a God Bone to forge something with. Imagine the power in an item melted from the Bone of a God: for instance, a Talking Head of bronze made from the jawbone of a long-dead Issaries hero. Also imagine how happy the cult following this God would be. When they come knocking at the Smith's door. Even better: finding the bone of a rival God.
> - needing the Sacred Spark to re-light his forge, which ennemies (the ones from above ?) have somehow put out, using a downpour, a gale, whatever. You need this Sacred Spark to restart it. You must go to Gustbran's Forge on the Other Side.
> - Getting competition from a Third Eye Blue wanderer. He makes things better, faster, cheaper than you. Surely there's a trick.
> - As for crafting magical weapons, I agree +2 swords are uninteresting. What are his ancient and recent ennemies ? Can he use his hatred, or channel the clan's hatred, in a weapon to harm/kill a specific foe ? Could he "shift" some of the wyter's power in this weapon ?Does he know the rituals ?
> - Rather than start from scratch, introduce him to a very cool item owned by a NPC / other organization and let's see him try to duplicate it, by learning as much as he can about it first, then by elaborating a method to do it. Of course, some aspect might be overlooked, aspect which are triggered at some inopportune moment "Hey, I didn't realize these two tiny runes meant CALL THE FIRE DEMON NOW !"

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