Venn Diagram - Magic <> Culture

From: Sean Foster <ebaninth_at_6SwIiW5NFuKy3VbSaYyMQkSD1JZpsovYLR8eMadF3Gpcr27jFX9981p_-ovNA25iuKT>
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 23:41:33 +0800

Figuring RQ6 is now part of the HQ fold, at this not being really as rules question.  

The magic systems of 85% of the West, they are just Folk Magic & Wizardry (with Wizardry fulfilling the monotheistic religious magic as well as a secular magic)  

The magic system of 85% of Lunar Empire has Folk, Spirit, Divine & Wizardry (not tied religion). With the “Red Goddess” lunar cyclical sorcery being something different from secular and religious wizardry…let’s say Chaos Magic.  

Is this how people see it?  

Do the Seshnelan’s have access to Divine/Rune Magic as well? Do Pelorians has a religious wizardry (not the RQ3 Lunar Magic)  

Chasing others thoughts. Anybody want to put together a Venn Diagram? Spirit/Divine/Wizardry/Mysticism  


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