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Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 18:34:48 +0200 (CEST)

Do the Seshnelan’s have access to Divine/Rune Magic as well?

/// The Great Kingdom of Seshnela has a State Religion called Rokarism, based on the teachings of the Prophet Rokar, who walked the Land at the begining of the third age, after the disaster. Its motto : ONE GOD, ONE CHURCH, ONE KING. There is no room whatsoever in the higher spheres of Seshnela for any other "magic system". In fact, if you are caught practising heathen magics, you will be at best ridiculed and ostracized, at worse burnt at the stake.

/// With Idealism in Loskalm, Rokarism in Seshnela is one of the only two malkioni Sects that ARE State Religions and that actively try to erase all other religions in their lands. Keep in mind most other malkioni sects are MUCH smaller (often centered on one city), and that many accomodate the Pagan Gods, as all malkioni (except the goddam brithini) did for thousands of years.

/// That said... Many, many workers (particularly peasants), and some fighters, and some talkers, still do practise the Old Pagan Ways. They still worship Seshna Likita (the local Ernalda), the land spirits (which still exist, even if weakened), Worlath (to beg for rain), Ehilm (to beg for Sun), etc etc. The Rokari Church turns a blind eye to what the unenlightened, stupid peasants do as long as they show up to lend their POW (or whatever) to support their rituals.

/// BUT If you're a Talker or a Fighter using pagan magic, your days as part of the Seshnegi society are numbered. And a thinker using pagan magic ? It's a death sentence if you're caught. Ever heard of the God Learners?

Do Pelorians has a religious wizardry (not the RQ3 Lunar Magic) ?
/// Traditional pelorians don't, they have Oria and Lodril and a truckload of useful Gods. LUNARS do use a weird kind of magic that looks like wizardry, feels like wizardy but ultimately draws all power from the Moon, not from Logic.

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