RE: Are telmori truly chaotic, or just cursed?

From: Sean Foster <ebaninth_at_...>
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 20:37:32 +0800

They are not chaotic. It is the disorder rune.  

If not, can you imagine just how many times each day, Kostajor Wolf Champion would have had Orlanth Wind Lords wander up and start spouting:  

Foul slime curse of existence‚Ķ  

While he was in the Royal Telmori Bodyguard.      

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Subject: Are telmori truly chaotic, or just cursed?     

Keepers of the Lore, this question might the set the course of our Sartar campaign.

Are the telmori of Sartar chaotic, or "simply" cursed (by Talor) / blessed (by Nysalor) ? What does an Uroxi sense in their presence ?

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