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> Am I missing something about what balances out Wizardry against Theism? Theism just seems much more flexible than Wizardry. Only a very experienced wizard will have anything approaching the range of options that even a relatively new Theist will have.

1) Theist magic reduces your free will. If Thorvald is an initiate of Yelmalio with the Truth rune at 18, he has to overcome the Truth Rune in order to not tell the truth all the time; if he does succeed in overcoming the Truth Rune... well, he just applied a lingering penalty to his Truth magic. If Jon is an initiate of Orlanth with the Air Rune at 18, he has to be passionate even when it would be wiser to stay calm or else he will damage his connection to Orlanth and his air magic. And the stronger he gets at magic... the more he is limited by his runes as to what he can do without messing up his abilities. Assuming he can actually overcome his Rune to act against it in the first place. He may well get to where he can never manage to overcome his runes to act against what they want of him.

By contrast, if Pierrin is a Servant of the Hidden Fire (a sorcery order) with access to the Book of Firey Wrath 18 (Spells: Immolate House, Bolt of Fire, Wall of Purple Flame, and Protection From Fire), his spells can't make him do anything. He won't lose his magic because he didn't burn someone today or because he isn't loyal, honest, or pure (the traits of the Fire Rune). He can invite someone over to his house, then set it on fire to kill them while he runs off with their wife and it won't hurt his magic.

Remember, every Theistic Rune Trait is also a personality trait and it compels you to do what your god wants, whether or not it's a good idea. Theistic Magic is what you do.

2) In Heroquest 2, specific abilities trump general ones. Whichever one is more specific gets a +3 or +6 bonus depending on the degree to which it is more specific. If Pierrin uses Bolt of Fire to zap Jon, while Jon uses his Air rune to fly out of the way of the bolt, Pierrin is going to get at least a +3 bonus. If a troll tries to use Tough 18 to survive it, he might well get a +6 against the Tough.

This stacks on top of any augments.

So in a direct Sorceror vs. Theist fight, the Sorceror will generally be getting a bonus to his spell use against the Theist.            

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