Re: Are telmori truly chaotic, or just cursed?

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Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 18:49:22 +0200 (CEST)

/// Interesting views. Which do seem to contradict the point you can't be "just a little bit chaotic". You are, or are not. What form / intensity the chaos in you takes is another matter...

I wonder how our GM will handle this one.


Telmori are just as cursed as Dorastor is. Talor's curse probably stems from the same roots as Arkat's, although Arkat may have had extra experience with the bad things.

The chaotic or at least magical nature of the Telmori beast shape predates that curse, and was a gift of Nysalor. It may be argued that it is a transcendent rather than chaotic ability, or was so until Talor altered the gift into a curse. We're talking shades of dark grey here.

Depending on how much Talor's curse did to demonize the Telmori gift in the perception of Orlanthi (I suppose it did completely in the perception of Malkioni), and where in the scala between transcendent ability or chaos feature the original gift by Nysalor was to be found, Uroxi Sense Chaos might be hampered.

> I'd say they have a reduced chance to be detected by Sense Chaos. Different Uroxi might sense them differently even - some might be better at detecting physical taint while others sense chaotic intent, the former would be more likely to sense a Telmori than the latter.

> The world isn't as black-and-white as the rules might imply, although some (especially Uroxi) like to think of it that way.

> Borderline cases like this make them confused, and a confused Uroxi isn't fun to be with. I think Uroxi and Telmori are generally kept apart to keep things smooth.

Those Boldhome Telmori not on active guard duty are kept apart in their wolf pen, but the active guards will be around the royals at all times (except Wildday, possibly - although Sartar may have had ways to keep his guards at their most effective still controllable). The Uroxi appear to have no permanent presence in Boldhome, but do show up for special rites from the outside.

I wonder how actively the non-urban Telmori in Sartar hunt down obvious Chaos (broo, scorpion folk or other nasties). And whether they do so preferredly on wilddays.            

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