Re: A question about Wizardry

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_fvweuZqwucA1oEKnSrKwmmf-QW8O31R6Zm8gQ6CP3JA2zvSAf82TeRebn69SBU8VWT>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 21:25:49 -0000

A new wizard might be less flexible than a new theist. But an experienced wizard may know a fairly broad array of spells, while the theist is still focussed in the same area.

So when both are fairly new, having the storm affinity beats the wizard who knows a few spells from a grimoire of air magic in most cases (what was said elsewhere about narrow vs broad abilities balances it somewhat in power, but not in flexibility).

But later on, the wizard recognizes a storm user, so uses a 'launch rock into air spell' do drop heavy objects on the initiate, taking advantage of the elemental advantage of earth over air. The wizard then still uses a blast of wind to blow away arrows, and finally draws forth a choking stench to disable his foes.

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