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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 22:17:41 +1300

On 10/19/2012 7:45 AM, Stewart wrote:
> Ah, Top Trumps Myth.
> Three Feathered Rivals? A wonderful, localised and resonant example of cyclicity and cosmological consequence.
> Elemental Progression? I'm not sure I can even begin to express my dislike.
I'm not certain what element Raven actually represents.

As for the Elemental Progression table, I think it's a Malkioni construct being their understanding of how the sorcerous elements behave. Elements from other millieu will behave differently and are taken as being evidence of their impure nature. When using magics on someone who follows your elemental worldview then the bonuses apply else they don't.

The Pelorian/Lunar table is actually based on the Moon Rune associations (Pavis: Gateway to Adventure p396). Thus Fire->Earth->?->Air->Darkness->Fire (as opposed to the conventional Darkness->Earth->Air->Water->Fire). This is not understood the interaction of platonic elements with each other but as the state of the soul as it moves through the cosmos gathering lunar wisdom. I note water is left out but that may be the Annillan cycle.

The Kralori have their own philosophy based on the six dragons with the extra element being void rather than chaos (of course it's easy for despicable Kralori to pervert this). Something like Silence (void) - Secrets (Darkness) - Being (Earth) - Experience (Water) - Thought (Fire) and Spirit (Storm). The elements are manifestations of the Elder Dragons and their interactions with each other is taken as the moment the Cosmic Dragon reveals itself.

The Orlanthi having a rough and tumble cosmology have Storm and Earth at the top of the progression with each being inferior to each other. The other elements are inferior to Storm and Earth but are not inferior to each other. Orlanth could order them but he doesn't care as they are not his problem.

In Prax, the mythical elements are too atomised for an observable elemental progression.

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