Chaotic Fonrit

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Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 10:52:30 -0000


I read the articles of the Look of Glorantha, which is probably introductory notes for Guide of Glorantha.

Fonrit article said that Fonritans are "perverted by chaotic worship", certainly the (some) people of Fonrit worships several deities which are considered to be evil by outsiders. (Ompalam, Ikadz, Hungry Goddess...)

But I wondered the meaning of "chaotic", is it like the state of Lunar Empire worships Aggataraltara? Or many degenerated, half-witted blue-skinned artmali worships cthulhu-like entities in Hyborean atmosphere?

I read Peter and Martin's unofficial Kareeshtu article in Tradetalk Magazine, but I'm not sure this term can be applied to such setting.              

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